Fall in Love

Our mission is to convince the world that dance is something everyone can fall in love with.

There’s a rush in knowing how to move in just the right way to express the feeling of music in your body. In the midst of that feeling, nothing else matters. It doesn’t matter that people are watching you and it doesn’t matter that you messed up a move. All that matters is how much fun you’re having and how awesome you feel while dancing.

We believe that true confidence comes from this: a love for what you’re doing, a love so overwhelming that you forget to be afraid or embarrassed — there’s no room for fear. We want everyone to experience that kind of love, and we think dance is the best way to get to it.

A chromatic scale hits all the notes on a piano. Chromatic Dance is designed to be a radically inclusive dance experience that makes it easier for all kinds of people to get to that magical feeling — where you’re no longer afraid.


We emphasize music at Chromatic, focusing on the vibe of the songs we dance to over specific genre or skill level. We all have the urge to move to our favorite songs! We want you to re-experience that thrill you get when your song comes on the radio and you just can’t help but move your body.


That’s why we do mixed level classes. We believe that everyone should dance together and be inspired and encouraged by each other, regardless of how much dance experience they have. You shouldn’t feel judged or intimated by your fellow dancers, you should feel loved, supported, and inspired by them!


That’s why we throw awesome events and parties — so you get to bond with your friends and make new friends for life outside the studio too. It’s easier to dance when you have a strong community behind you, a personal fan club that is screaming and cheering for you to be more than 100% yourself.


We want you to feel like a superstar as you watch yourself in the studio mirrors — like you’re in a music video, or on stage, glowing in the spotlight. To preserve and extend that superstar-in-the-mirror and glowing-in-the-spotlight feeling, we feature you in professionally produced video shoots, where you actually are a star! And this way, you can “perform” over and over again digitally long after class is over.


When you get comfortable breaking out of your personal inhibitions and fears, when you’re no longer afraid of embarrassing yourself, then you can “dance” no matter where you are — the studio, the stage, the club dance floor, the aisles of the grocery store, the streets of New York, waiting for the subway on your morning commute. You can live your life like the Beyoncé music video it’s meant to be.


We think of dance as a way to interact and connect with the world. We believe that it is powerful enough to break down the toxic inhibitions and social norms that hold us back. And with those boundaries broken, we can create a world where everyone can feel free and confident to move and dance and live whenever, wherever, and however they want.

How It Works

All our classes at Chromatic are mixed-level, choreography-based, and organized by song.

We believe the experience of dance is most powerful and most fun when everyone gets to do it together. Come dance with your friends, and meet incredible new people that will inspire you.

Each class is taught in our music-video mash-up of hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary, mixed with the Chromatic choreographers’ unique styles.

1. Check the vibe & choose your songs

Check out our class offerings to browse the selection of songs currently offered, ranging from old classics to the newest top 40 hits. Read a short description of each dance and check out the choreographer’s bio. (Have a suggestion for a song? Let us know!)

2. Sign up

Book the classes you want in advance! Our 3-week class series is launching this December — check out the schedule and register now!

3. Dance!

Each choreo class meets for a single 90-minute session per week, for 3 weeks. You’ll learn a complete set of choreography to the song you chose over the course of this 3-week class series!

4. Perform & party

At the end of each 3-week series, you have TWO opportunities to show off the choreo you learned!

  • VIDEO SUPERSTAR: We’ll hold a film shoot at the end of the last class. The video will be edited and posted online so you can share your dancing with your friends and family!
  • PARTY ROCKSTAR: We also throw a party every month where you get to show off LIVE and mingle with other Chromatic dancers. Invite all your friends and family to come watch and party with you.

5. Do it all again

And don’t forget to keep checking our website for events like workshops, flash-mobs, and other extra Chromatic surprises!


What if I’ve never danced before? Will classes be too hard for me?

Chromatic is designed as a dance space for everyone. We work closely with our instructors to make sure that every class is super fun and engaging for every skill level, with a variety of moves to work on that fit your ability! It’s natural to struggle with learning choreographed movements if you’ve never danced like this before — so don’t be afraid to let your instructor know so that they can help you out. The more you dance, the easier it gets!

What if I have previous dance experience? Will classes still be fun and challenging for me?

We LOVE to welcome dancers with experience at Chromatic! Again – we work super closely with our experienced dance teachers to design classes to be engaging for every skill level. Our instructors will make sure to challenge you and lead you through an exciting choreography session every single time you come to class!

Where is my class located?

Chromatic Dance holds classes in New York City at 500 8th Avenue and 519 8th Avenue (across the street from each other), between 35th and 36th streets. When you book classes through our scheduling system, you’ll be able to see which building your class is in, as well as the floor and room number.

What happens at my first class?

You should make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early! If you have any trouble finding the studio, just call us at (561) 602-3943. And once you arrive, just check in with your instructor! We’ll take it from there.

Can I drop into the middle of a 3-week class series?

Yes! Every week of the class series, we teach a new segment of choreography to the same song. We do encourage you to commit to attending all 3 classes. But if you really can’t make all three – or really want to jump into the middle of a series after it’s started – you’ll just miss a chunk of the choreo. You can still participate in the video shoots and party-performances, too – we’ll just edit you out of the chunks of the dance that you didn’t learn, and no one will ever know. Shhh!

How old do I have to be to come to Chromatic?

Chromatic classes are designed for adults, aged 18 and over!

What should I wear to class?

Anything you want! We want you to do you. Just make sure your clothes and shoes are comfortable and flexible enough for dancing and moving your body. Some classes will be led barefoot! If there’s any specific apparel suggestion for a certain class, we’ll include it in the class description.

Speaking of clothes — where can I get all that awesome Chromatic gear?!

Keep checking back on our website – gear is coming soon. Sign up for our mailing list if you want to get updated!

What if I don’t want to show up in any videos or be in any performances?

No problem! You don’t have to participate if you’re not feeling ready to bust out your moves in front of other people yet. And you can still attend our video/photo shoots and party-performances to watch your friends!

How do I get tickets for Chromatic parties?

All events will be listed on our Events page with links to ticket purchases or sign-ups, if required! Sign up for our mailing list if you want to get updated.

How can I make sure I get ALL the latest Chromatic news?

Make sure to like our Facebook page to keep up with the community online! You can also follow us on Twitter and sign up for our mailing list.

I want to bring my friends to Chromatic!

We’re not sure if this is a question – but the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! Sign up for our December series, and check out the Facebook event to invite your friends so they can take advantage of our New Student 50% Discount!


Campaign Preparation is Ongoing!

Chromatic Dance is prepping to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help us hire more choreographers, book more studio space, and crucially, throw some really amazing events to get the word out about us to more people! Put your email down here to show us your support and love, and to stay updated about our exciting Kickstarter journey:!